Meet Umie

the smartest pleasure toy designed to evoke mind-blowing interactive sexual experiences.

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Umie is the Most Interactive Pleasure Toy You’ll Ever Buy

Umie is the world’s first app enabled pleasure toy that encourages cyber play through wifi access. Built with powerful dual high-speed motors, a 12-frequency/10-mode microchip, and heatable body for 360° of unparalleled intensity, Umie allows both couples and strangers to tantalize one another with hyper-realistic stimulation.

“The app lets you have complete control over your experience”


“When I first opened the box I thought wow... this is sexy”


“The Umie is an all in one and it is perfect for me”


I’m absolutely delighted with UMIE and how it’s opened a whole new exciting world of interactive play. There are so many different modes to play with and explore, the warming feature is incredible but what I really love is that my partner can control it no matter where he is. Each experience and orgasm is unique, not to mention intense. It definitely makes those times that you physically can’t be together much more intimate.


Four-Way Smart Power for Dynamic Pleasure

Umie’s proprietary Four-way Smart Power feature allows users to gear intensity both up and down while operating the toy’s vibration and temperature features. This balance provides for a nuanced, captivating experience that can keep a user engrossed for an entire cycle of Umie’s internal power supply.


Control the Intensity

Cutting edge microchip, and dual high speed motors deliver 360° of stimulation.

Control the Heat

The unique heat function creates the most lifelike feel on the market.

Control the Excitement

The app’s interface has customizable modes that match your mood, pleasure style, and more.

Explore your Relationship

Umie doesn’t just stimulate the body--it stimulates passion between partners by allowing your lover control over your device.

App Connected Senor Technology

Umie is built with intelligent sensor technology that allows you to control it from anywhere with the Umie app. Easily customize modes, change settings and adjust the intensity according to your mood or your partner’s desires.


Built to Last

Umie features a durable body made of body safe silicone.

Interactive Interface

Whether a longtime lover or a new friend, the app invites interactive play.


Umie is currently working on building out a safe interactive social platform that will allow strangers to help each other achieve tantric satisfaction.

Tantric Training

Create pleasure training routines to expand the inner you and achieve the height of your surrender.

Voice Activation

As your passion grows louder, try the app’s sound mode and use your voice to adjust your toy’s intensity.

Heat It Up

Umie is built with a unique heat function, adjustable anywhere up to 103° F.




Umie is the world’s most intense wireless pleasure toy utilizing intelligent sensor technology and an intuitive app to evoke mind-blowing sexual experiences - by yourself, with your partner or with anyone anywhere in the world.